Preview: rosa mosa, Autumn/Winter 09/10

rosa mosa, Herbst/Winter 09/10

Authentizität ist kein einfaches Wort, und doch kommt mir immer genau das in den Sinn, wenn ich die Schuhe von rosa mosa sehe. Simone Springer and Yuji Mizobuchi aka rosa mosa arbeiten mit akribischen Recherchen und traditionellen Formen, begnügen sich jedoch niemals mit schlichten Kopien:

An old black-and-white photograph album with photos taken in Europe from 1900–1940. The people wear well-worn work boots and formal lace-up shoes – perhaps their Sunday best.

Maybe the reason this footwear looks great and is absolutely tasteful is because it reflects the atmosphere of a time when people wore their favorite shoes – painstakingly made by craftsmen’s hands – as if they were the only ones they owned.

It’s wonderful to approach all you wear with this kind of sincerity and to even be able to find such things in your life. That’s rosa mosa’s way of thinking, and it is the idea that inspired and gradually gave rise to rosa mosa’s 2009/10 autumn & winter collection.

Returning to the original functions and purposes of each type of shoe, this season’s creations are based on classic designs that incorporate rosa mosa’s belief the traditional European spirit of craftsmanship, translated as always through rosa mosa’s own style of construction and sense of fashion.

Using only the finest leather, they are sometimes brushed, sometimes oiled, but always given the typical punkish flavor that is rosa mosa’s specialty. In the end, they are transformed into very original and beautiful shoes.

“Sometimes one will unexpectedly find something modern and cool in the quite ordinary and familiar past.? That’s one of the things we learned through this season’s work. We hope these shoes will be cherished by their wearers like the ones worn in the photographs.

Text: rosa mosa, Fotos: Manfred Veigl, Styling: Mana Furuyama, Model: Christiane Lienhart 

rosa mosa, Herbst/Winter 09/10

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