Hyères 2008: Die Gewinner

Der Grand Prix der Jury (von L’Oréal mit 15.000 Euro dotiert) ging an den Briten Matthew Cunnington für seine Kollektion „Hail Mary“.

Matthew Cunnington, Kollektion „Hail Mary“, Photos: Cafè Mode

Matthew Cunnington is a graduate of the University of Westminster. He takes his inspiration from the life of his own mother who in 1969, due to social pressure, was forced to abandon her illegitimate daughter, meeting again only thirty years later. This collection, defined by the memory of this reconciliation, can be understood in a more symbolic than narrative fashion. A tightly worn draped dress ‘contains the emotion on the inside’. A cloth burnt with acid evokes the ‘fragility of this poignant story’. An exposed pocket on a coat signifies that ‘there is nothing left to hide’. The shoulders are accentuated in order to depict the anxiety and guilt carried for so long. Insignificant details suddenly gain a disproportionate importance, such as the large buttons sewn on the front of the dress. Delicate and intimate, this collection invites us to delve into the recollections and emotions of a woman.

Quelle: Festival Hyères Website

Den 1.2.3 Award erhielt der Belgier Jean Paul Lespagnard für die Damenkollektion “Ich will ’nen Cowboy als Mann?, Er bekommt damit neben 15.000 Euro auch die Möglichkeit eine Kollektion zu gestalten, die 1.2.3 produziert und vertreibt.

Jean-Paul Lespagnard, Photos: Cafè Mode

Jean-Paul Lespagnard, Kollektion “Ich will ’nen Cowboy als Mann?, Photos: Cafè Mode

Jean-Paul Lespagnard loves his country, Belgium, the kingdom of the ‘pomme frite’. He insists that it be noted that he works not just in Brussels but also Antwerp, or Liège where he studied at the IFPME. For this collection, he has imagined a colourful character, called Jacqueline, who runs a well known ‘fritkot’, where admirers come from afar to sample her crisp little fries. Jacqueline has two passions in life: the kitsch Danish singer Gitte and a deep fondness for Texas; in particular its rodeo clowns – the men relied upon to distract the bull when the cowboy hits the dust. Her wardrobe is the epitome of her passions: Jean-Paul Lespagnard combines the clown’s stripes, the cowboy’s trousers, and Texan shirts with a large serving of 100% Belgian fancy. The ‘teepee’ print material is cut from children’s tents, the volumes are purposefully extravagant, the bracelets in the shape of chips. Behind her counter, Jacqueline is always ready for the day a man in cowboy boots will carry her away from this place.

Quelle: Festival Hyères Website

Die Jury:
Riccardo Tisci, Givenchy, Paris (President of the jury)
Haider Ackermann, designer, Paris
Loïc Prigent, filmmaker, journalist, Paris
Maria Luisa, Maria Luisa, Paris
Stéphanie Moisdon, curator, Paris
Floriane de Saint-Pierre, CEO of Floriane de Saint-Pierre & ass., Paris/Milan
Sonja Noël, Stijl, Brussels
Carla Sozzani, Corso Como, Milan
Caroline Fabre, Studio Azzedine Alaïa, Paris
Patti Wilson, stylist, New York
Sarah Rutson, Lane Crawford, Hong Kong

Mehr Photos bei Diane Pernet, Cafè Mode

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